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Ride to the Underworld

2011-05-18 6:45 am


Bass thunders filling the air

As I approach the hills it stops

The clouds fall to meet me

But without any rain drops


I wonder what this could mean

So I slow my advance

And before long it seems

I’m caught up in a trance


*I’ve seen so many faces

I’ll different kinds of places*


Χάρων  (kɛərɒn) is in front of me now,

I’m following him but I’m not sure why or how


Our journey continues

Along the river of the dead

With no reason to be here

It fills me with a sense of dread


The mist is all around us

Other barges cloud my view

Χάρων holds up his hand

And in silence we continue


* The melody makes you one with your emotions

And the rhythm makes you believe in it, We speak music *


The mist clears to reveal barren hills,

Steam rising off like souls in anguish

They cry out to any who would listen,

So that we would know they languish


I am teased with a destination

That in the distance seems so far

It always stays out of sight

But is shining like a star


* Anger, aggression, the fury of all

Release the pressure, rise or fall

Don't try to be the hero, Don't try to win the race

Don't blame us for the music, We'll end up face to face*


Everything seems to come together now,

Meaning behind this trek

Sometimes we need a little guidance,

Be it from Χάρων or ShowTek


A city is in sight now,

“This journey is over” Χάρων decreed,

“I will be here again,

“when you have need”


* We are analogue players in a digital world

Think smart, play it fast, technologies don't rest

From city to city, we live at night

The grass is always greener on our side *



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